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Start construction and you will be the status in the lower right corner of the map. You’ll see SPEEP UP in a red box. Click it and a large box opens. Scroll to the top where it says ASK FOR HELP. Click APPLY and it opens a window on Facebook. You will see the blue writing that says “NAME needs help…” Right click that blue line and a windows screen opens to create a shortcut. Open a new browser to and paste your shortcut that you just copied. It will give you a tinyurl. Do not copy the http. Just the tinyurl part. Paste the tiny into chat. As people help you will see the Friend Helping number increase in the status box in the lower right corner of map. To respond to a tinyurl : the first person who copies the tinyurl into a new browser gets a Merlin token. Copy and paste the tinyurl into a new browser. Then let everyone know how awesome you are by indicating “helped NAME”

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