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first make sure that your level of fletching is always one above what your attacking e.g. lv 5 wilds, you need to have a minimum of lv 6 fletching. But to answer your question: You will need to use a 2 part attack, so you will need 2 idle knights to lead the waves, they are as follows: 1st wave - 50 militia (which are all going to die) 2nd wave - 1 militia and 1400 archers

  • make sure that you pay attention to the times. You don't want your archers to arrive before the militia, if they do you will loose all troops. So watch the timer when you send the first wave, then check your estimated time right before you send the 2nd wave make sure the 2nd wave doesn't arrive before the 1st. I usually try and have the 2nd wave arriving 30 seconds to 1 minute behind the first wave. Anyway if you follow that pattern you should only loose the meat-shield (militiamen) lol. Which is what they are really for, meat-shields for the archers.

Lord HardBottom

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