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How to get animal hide?

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A lot of people have been asking me, Where do i get Animal hide?

Well your answer to that is in level 1-10 dark forests, The dark forests have a drop rate. I will use 100 as a base example of attacks.

If i attacked level 1-3 dark forests 100 times EACH (300 total of attks) i would expect to get 3 Animal hides.

If i attacked level 4-6 Dark forests 100 times each (300 total..) I would expect to get 14 Animal hides (See the increse in drop rates..)

If i attacked level 7-10 dark forests 100 times each (400 total...) I would expect to get 30 Animal hides.

Animal hides are very rare to find in LOW level dark forests. But i myself have crafted a few divine providances to get my cities upto level 11 castle. I have a total of 40 animal hides and still crafting them vellum scrolls!

Good luck :)

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