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Between Citys?

1. Select city you want the resources to come from 2. Go to map view 3. Click the city you want to transport to 4. Click Transport 5. Select how many supply troops/ Supply Wagons you want to use 6. Fill em up with resource (see bottom of the screen) 7. Click March

If it asks you to send a knight, you've clicked the wrong thing, you only send Knights on Attacks

You can also send gold and resources via your Rally Point, if you know the coordinates of the city to which you wish to send. 1. Click on your Rally Point. 2. Click on the "March Troops" tab. 3. At the top of the page that comes up is a drop-down menu. Select "Transport." 4. Select the quantity of each resource that you wish to transfer. 5. Select the number of troops that you wish to use. 6. Make sure that the "Load Vacancy" is not a negative number (middle of the page in the white bar). If it is, then you are trying to send more resources than your supply troops and wagons can carry, and you will have to reduce the quantity of resources you are sending and send it in two or more separate trips. 7. Click "March."

As stated in the above method, if it asks you to select a Knight, then you've selected the wrong option from the drop-down menu at the top of the page.

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