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First of all, you cannot share any items in two different domains. So if you are trying to send items from one domain to another, it is not possible. But you can share gems with different domains.

Secondly, if you are playing in the same domain, why would you abandon a city at all? I don't think that's really smart, because having multiple cities is usually a benefit. But, if you are abandoning a city (I don't think you can even abandon a city unless you just stop playing on that city) you can transport all your resources and troops to the 2nd city by clicking "Transport" or "Reassign". And all the items you have will already be with u on your second city.

However, if you have multiple accounts on a single domain, you can share resources, but no items or gems or troops. Just click "transport" for that city, and enter the amount of each resource you wish to send.

I hope this helps you.

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