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Clarent56 English 
Arthur337 English 
Glessic333 English 
Culwich334 English 
Arthur321 English 
Caliburn325 English 
Excalibur338 English
Celidon331 English
Goswhit336 English
Badon332 English 
Clarent328 English 
Caval330 English 
Pridwen335 English 
Goswhit320 English 
Pridwen319 English 
Arondight324 English 
Galatine323 English 
Excalibur322 English 
Glessic317 English 
Arthur305 English 
Rhon326 English 
Excalibur306 English 
Glessic61 English 
Culwich62 English 
LLamrei57 English 
Caval58 English 
Annwyn55 English 
Caliburn309 English 
Annwyn311 English 
LLamrei313 English 
Goswhit304 Italian 
Clarent312 Turkish 
LLamrei329 Spanish 
Annwyn327 German 
Culwich318 Italian 
Arondight308 German 
Caval314 French 
Rhon310 Spanish 
Badon316 Spanish 
LLamrei297 Spanish

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