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Mists of Avalon: Now widely available in exchange for a small number of Gems, Lords and Ladies of Camelot may purchase a 'Potion of Mist,' which will unleash the mystical Mists of Avalon across your cities, blanketing them in a dense fog. The Mists make what is concealed impossible to view for all but those who send Scouting parties against your cities. New Lords and Ladies just starting out in Camelot will find that these magical Mists will automatically grant them aid during the early days of their rule.

A word of caution: the Mists are a deterrent, intended only to confuse and bewilder opponents. They are not absolute protection, and you are still susceptible to enemy Scouts and Troops while under the Mists. Should an attacker see through your Mists and attack, you will still suffer appropriate losses. However, the mists will continue to endure, allowing you time to move your city if you so choose. Using a Portal of any kind will still whisk your city to a new location, but with the added effect of adding Mists on all of your cities, as well as the Plains you just left. In addition, engaging in aggression against any other player's cities or controlled wildernesses will cause the Mists to dissipate immediately.

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